Awesome Canadian punk band from Ontario. Very well written and dynamic punk with a seemingly endless supply of great vocal lines, lyrics, and tight musicianship. The vocals are very catchy and poppy, though I consider them more of a punk band with some posthardcore sounds rather than pop punk (I thought these guys might be too poppy for the hardcore forum though).

I've been listening to "Shake Your Body Politic" nonstop the past few days, and each time I'm amazed at how genuine and sincere the songs are, as well as how many great vocal hooks and riffs they manage to get in every single song. The composing/ arrangement is definitely above average for a punk bandl. Fun fact: these guys used to play with Protest the Hero in high school



These guys broke up in 2006 unfortunately, and never got the recognition they deserved. I'd highly recommend listening through Shake Your Body Politic. I haven't felt like fellating an album this much in a while