Just curious as to if it's like the older FP10 where in the windows sound settings for playback you see 4 sets of outputs, (1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8) or if this newer hardware only shows one choice for playback.

Reason being, I purchased a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 recently and it only shows as one output in windows settings...which does not work for my needs.

Any help with this info would be great, thanks!
I used that hardware on project about a year ago. It has its own built in routing mixer, with 8 ins and out, which can be panned different ways for monitoring. Very flexible output system, you can setup 8 mono outputs (or 4 stereo) to monitor in different ways.
Yes as does the Saffire Pro 40, but in Windows, the FP10 showed as 4 ins and outs at all times, the Pro 40 only shows as one source...

Either way, I've contacted PreSonus and for $85 they are going to repair the unit. I will keep the Pro 40 around to use with my DAW programs as it's got cleaner signal to it and more routing options. I can use the FP10 as my every day sound card with windows.
Yep latest drivers on everything.

The difference on the two interfaces is the older FP10 had no routing so you could not do on board mixing and therefore it showed as 4 separate stereo outs in Windows. This worked to my advantage using it with Windows and programs like Google+ hangouts, Skype, and such.
The new PreSonus units and this Pro 40 have routing on board so it's just showing as one source in windows: http://screencast.com/t/CDQW3zpnTOfp
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Yeah and it would be great if the mixer could work with windows applications, but driver wise and such, it's not build to work that way so I can't do on screen digital routing and mixing. I do like the actual mixer on my desk too, easy to get to the controls fast.