Apologies for the present lack of pics, they will be up when I get home tonight but I got some new gear.

The Behringer C1-u is a USB Condenser microphone directly ripped off the Samson CO1-u. It retails at ~$80AU, I picked mine up reworked with the full 3 year warranty for $60AU from Kosmic Sound.


Overall I'd say this is a serious bang for buck microphone. The output is a little low because of the subpar inbuilt interface that is in it (like all USB mics, which is why the XLR versions with a proper interface is so much better) but the quality is a huge improvement over the dynamics I'm used to using. The microphone itself has a little bit of weight to it, and feels fairly sturdy in construction although there's a slight bit of movement in the grill portion of mine.
The microphone comes with a simple mount (not a shock mount) which is to be expected at this price range. It also comes with a reasonably lengthy USB A to USB B cable, which I've found very useful for using my BP355 as an interface because I can put it on the floor where it belongs.
For anyone looking at a cheap large diaphragm condenser I would highly recommend the C1-u or the XLR equivalent the C1.

Sound sample is the vocals in my band's cover of Situations, I can upload some vocal stems if you want to hear them in isolation, but I figured it's all about how things fit in the mix anyway. Link: http://www.masquerade19.com/Situations---Escape-The-Fate.html
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The Behringer C1-u is a USB Condenser microphone directly ripped off the Samson CO1-u.

Granted, it looks very similar, but does not at all seem to be a direct ripoff. The specs are different. And, as far as I can tell, the Behringer pre-dates the Samson.

Behringer = freq resp = 40hz - 20 khz; 16mm diaphragm
- polar pattern frequency rejection -35db at 180 degrees
seems to be released 2004 (date first appeared on Amazon = July 16, 2004

Samson = freq resp = 20hz - 18 khz; 19mm diaphragm;
- polar pattern frequency rejection -10db at 180 degrees
Seems to have been released in 2006.

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