hello guys im trying to figure out all shape of the major scale lets talk about (( C ))
i know its like W W h W W W h so its gona be C D E F G A B

so for a major scale 3 picks per string !?

is first box like that
e l-------------------------------------- 0 1 3
b l -------------------------------0 1 3
g l ------------------------0 2
d l ---------------- 0 2 3
a l--------0 2 3
E l 0 1 3

Then go up and to c on the (A) string , Right ?

i made it up like that im not sure if im right?

btw thats how i made the second box

e l-------------------------------------- 5 7 8
b l-------------------------------- 6 8
g l ------------------------ 5 7 9
d l ----------------5 7 9
a l --------5 7 8
E l 5 7 8

So if i start and end with the ( c ) notes in every single shape does that mean im doing it right ?

and just to make sure if im right ? what cud be the 3rd box !
yes the C major scale has C D E F G A B C
you dont have to do 3 notes per string you could do 4,5 as many as you want the 3 per string is just useful because its easy to play

instead of writing down all the "boxes" of a scale what i do to teach my students is i have the draw the neck up until the 12th fret(or as high as thye want but after 12 they repeat so
and i have them highlight the notes of the scale and the root of it
that way they have a sort of diagram to see where the C major scale is and dont feel stuck inside a box

and more importnt than knowing how to play the scale is knowing how it sounds
try humming alont to the notes of the scale as you play them itll help out immensly with memeorising the sounds of the major scale
Quote by jkoreyva77
Just to add one thing Major scale formula is WWhW.

Where's the rest of it? Don't forget there are some additional notes to account for in the major scale.

W W h W W W h
wow thats a good way i never though about it i mean the highlighted dots thnx alot i'll try it