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Can I ask how much of this solo you would say is worked out? Also I have the same exact guitar, nice choice.
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Technique and tone-wise it's fine, but the actual structure solo-wise could do with a little more cohesion - the phrasing as a whole. For how long have you been playing?
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@rockgodman ... Well it was a competition ana I made this solo , there are slight parts which are improvised . Mainly in the last 30 srconds I improvised a lot

@my last words ... Yeah I guess u r right , my phrasing wasn't that good then . I made 2 later solos .. U may check them , I think they are better . Ana I have been playing for 3 years so far
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Really cool stuff!!! especially the whole intro, love the way you started it off. You have great technique and tone.

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Lord Cheswick, you are a comic genius!

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the move of a true gentleman sir Jacek. short, civilised, and intellectual. hats off to you good sir