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So I am about to buy my first recording setup which consists of a Focusrite 2i4, Reaper and a sm57.
Some dude told me that once I get the stuff I should learn to reamp guitars.
Is it possible with the Focusrite and how do I get about doing this?

I know that you record a clean tone so you can run it through it through different gained amps and stuff, but how will I be able to hear myself playing the stuff distorted without the amp being distorted?

I have an AX3000G multi effects board with a lot of out and inputs if that would help.
Dissonance is underrated.
Well, if we aren`t sure if it is correct, then we shouldn`t trust it!
Dissonance is underrated.
Quote by Lyrax
Well, if we aren`t sure if it is correct, then we shouldn`t trust it!

Errrmmm...no, that wasn't the point...

The point was, the article tells you how to reamp guitars, but I don't know a thing about reamping. Therefore, I don't know if that's the best way to do it or not.
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you will need either a passive DI, or a reamp box. and of course the required cables. other than that, you should have all you need.

the idea is to record direct into your interface, you would use the instrument inputs for this. you can set up a track to monitor your input (with an amp sim if you want), but you want to record nothing but the raw signal.

next you run from the line output on the interface (make sure your recording is sent to that output) to the output of your passive DI (or input of reamp box) and then the input (output on reamp box) to your amp. when you push play, the signal will go to your amp. you mic up the amp and record that on a new track as the dry signal is playing.

following the steps in that guide will get you where you need to go. though honestly, if you are just getting your first recording setup, i wouldnt worry about reamping yet. you should familiarize yourself with some other things before tackling that.
The thing is that, with a line straight from your interface, or going through a DI box, you *should* be successful *much* of the time, with some careful messing around.

With a reamp box, you *will* be successful *pretty much all* of the time, without much fussing about.

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I`ll just wait till I get used to the recording stuff to begin with. Then I`ll probably have a better understanding for these kinds of stuff.
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