For a long time i have been working on my tremolo picking, (finger style). I can get up to pretty fast speed, bordering on tremolo but not quite, I know to work with a metronome, I have but it seems I have hit a wall. I just can't seem to go any faster. Although I have discovered I can do tremolo with one finger doing up and down-strokes. This is the technique I use for finger-style tremulous on guitar. But would this be considered cheating on Bass? Any help is appreciated.
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depends on what tone you're after. for trem picking i typically roll either M-I-R or M-I-P-R. alex webster is a good person to look for with this

@crazysam: i like thumb-picking and it's alright for tremolo but you can't control the dynamics as well as rolling i feel. plus it'll hurt like shit unless you're already really good with thumping or use your thumb for a lot of your work.

my advice is to learn to roll first - as it's economic and you can adjust volume and "attack" very easily as you learn. get down steve harris' pick-attack sound and alex webster's rolls in a way that's comfortable for you and you'll be able to handle any situation. that being said, bass is all about knowing as many techniques as possible and (more importantly) knowing when best to use them, so don't be afraid to explore. there's no such thing as cheating as long as you get the sound you want - even if you have to use a pick.

i really enjoy rolling triplets and using my thumb as an accent every 4th, but if i'm ever in a studio situation where i need a certain sound, i'm not gonna be afraid to pull a pick out or strum it or whatever needs to be done to get the job done.
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Introduce more fingers to your technique. If you're just using your index and middle, introduce your ring finger too. With enough practice, though it's initially confusing, you can manage to play in groups of four just three fingers by alternating between each of your fingers as to which emphasises the first note of each group of four.

Once you're comfortable with your ring finger, you can even play very fast sets of four by using the index finger plucking thing at the end of a ring-middle-index group. So you hit the first note with your ring, the next with your middle, the next with your index going down, and the next with your index coming back up again. I've personally found little use for notes that fast but I suppose it depends on the genres you're playing
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But would this be considered cheating on Bass

There is no a single "cheating" technique on any instrument. Such technique is used by Brian Beller and Geddy Lee. Brian uses two fingers at once for that. Take a look at this video at 5:40: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS7NXRQXem4
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I usually go I M R M
You can go pretty fast that way and it doesnt strain your fingers that much once you get used to it
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