hey everyone who managed to get past the title.

im sitting at home bored and alone. my friend who i was doing this with initially suddenly received his semester grades and is now too busy contemplating suicide to worry about things like music. so here i am.

i wanna do a couple of short(2-3 min?) instrumental guitar based songs, any genre but no wanking. the objective is to write out a couple of nice stuffs, and hopefully record it but if not, all i want is just the writing experience. so if you dont have great recording equipment(or none), its all fine.

also, i dont know what "chugging" or "djent", "jazz", "blues" are. due warning. i dont subscribe to genres, i listen to what i like and try to invent chords and make melodies. as such, many times ive been destroyed by blues/jazz/metal players who dont really like me that much. if you dont want a disappointing experience with a musical weirdo, im not the man. most sincere apologies.

for examples of what im trying to do, check out


they're both very catchy, CHON especially makes full use of dual guitars. im looking to do something like that. Sithu Aye was a little wanky but yeah. im looking for good grooves and chords. my chords are all like min9 maj9 and suspensions. i dont think i know any other chords apart from the standard ones and a few weirder ones that i picked up a while ago trying to learn jazz to impress my family.

i currently dig CHON, sithu aye, animals as leaders, john butler, nujabes, sigur ros, jeff beck, twin atlantic and al di meola.

i write on tuxguitar because i fried my laptop which had guitarpro. most sincere apologies.

if someone is still okay or down for this please message and/or reply. ive got a few riffs and things that are sort of in limbo right now, so assuming you dont hate my stuff too much, we've got some stuff to work on already.
looking forward to working with you guys!

this is my first time asking for/doing an online collab, sorry if i dont know what to do. will try my best.


also if you live in or near tel aviv, israel, i live near tel aviv so we can meet up with our guitars and look cool.
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Haha I love Sithu! He is a friend of mine, so weird seeing people post about him here!
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Quote by Stealthtastic
Haha I love Sithu! He is a friend of mine, so weird seeing people post about him here!

can you tell him he rocks? like real hard?
with love from israel.