My band, we play every saturday, and every saturday we jam, play some covers, the usual stuff. And now we want to record it. Not for demos or anything like that ofc.,
but just not to forget the riffs i get in the jam, or to hear ourselves play, to show to some friends ect.
But we dont want to pay money for something like that (yet), so we use a simple cheap camera. We use to use cellphones, but the quality is so bad you cant tell apart the drums from the guitars, and the camera is only a tad bit better.
I see the band covers on youtube, its ok quality, but i dunno why my audio quality is so terrible.

So if anyone has some tips or tricks on recording a garage jam, or maby just a good way of recording, that be great
You're never going to get good quality recordings by using cheap cameras & cellphones.

To record, you need recording gear.

For portability and convenience a multitracker would be a good idea, you'd be able to record your practices and you'd be able to create something pretty professional sounding with a bit of practice.

There are lots of recommendations for both multitrackers and PC based recording solutions in the Interfaces sticky.
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You could get a zoom recording recorder or something and play with where you put it in the room.

It'll never sound great though.
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I have a Zoom R16. Its a great idea IMO. I'd suggest give that a shot. But try finding it used.
We used a Zoom H2. It sounded surprisingly good. No, you'd never release it or anything, but for evaluating a rehearsal, it was fantastic.

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I've used a Studio Projects B1 to record my band jams. Works fine, we put it in the center of the (small) room and it picked up a decent representation of the instruments despite them being really loud. I've recorded jams with sm57's too but they are pretty directional so you need to have a few, and get the mix levels right, unless you have multitracking capabilities, which I guess you dont. B1 does the job for me, I haven't tried anything else though besides a video camera (which distorted a bit under the spl)