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I'm trying to play along. It seems like the recording is a quarter step flat on the original. Has anyone else noticed this? It's not just my ears?
probably not your ears. lots of records this is the case. theyre in tune with each other but down a little bit. play along to a few of the early metallica records and its the same thing
Is it the 432hz version on youtube? If it is then that is your answer, someone has detuned it. In some cases it is just due to the fact that bands may have tuned to each other rather than a tuner, I know Eddie Van Halen often didn't tune up to an exact pitch but tuned his guitar to itself and the band tuned to him.
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This is the case with loads of older recordings.

Back in the good old days before everyone had digital tuners you had to learn to tune your guitar by ear - there was an interview with an old engineer on UGs main page a while ago where he named the digitial tuner as the worst invention ever! His point was that people had forgotten how to tune properly and by having everything too pitch perfect you lost a lot of the rawness in a performance.
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Probably. Loads of old stuff is out of tune. I don't think the Stones ever made a record that was in tune.
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Quote by GaryBillington
"by having everything too pitch perfect you lost a lot of the rawness in a performance."

I get what he's saying but I'm pretty sure "raw" and "out-of-tune" are two completely different things lol. I always felt the rawness came from the recording equipment / instruments etc.

This does remind me though, I was listening to "The Boss" by James Brown recently and I swear the bass is really badly out of tune. I never noticed it until recently and now I can't unhear it