Hey there!
I'm Caleb! I'm 16 and I love music! Before I begin, I want you to forget my age until you finish reading because as you've probably told older girls (or older guys have told you ladies) -- age is but a number. I've been a member on UG long enough to see there are people on this site that WANT TO MAKE MUSIC. And they're TALENTED enough to DO IT. I'm looking for some awesome people that want to make awesome music. I'm not really into screamo/rap... Mainly into COUNTRY and CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN music along with CLASSIC/MODERN ROCK. Now, you are probably thinking that I'm JUST ANOTHER poster on UG looking to START an ONLINE BAND. Well you're PARTIALLY RIGHT. I just want some guys that want to play good music and have a chance to GET THE MUSIC TO THE TOP PRODUCERS in these different genres. Anyways, I write songs, play guitar, alittle bass, some drums, piano/keyboard, some violin, alto sax, and harmonica. I like to HAVE FUN with MUSIC, but I'm also SERIOUS ABOUT IT. Hope you are to if you respond, and please, no haters ;P
Thanks for taking the time to read this,
I have read your details given on the page. I also like to hear good music.
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