I have been trying and trying and trying to play pinch harmonics, and for whatever reason I am just not getting it, so I checked out some youtube videos and found a lesson where instead of pinching the string between thumb and pick, you pinch between pick and ring finger...I have managed to get a few squeels...sorta..by doing this. My question is, should I continue to try this method, or go back to trying the correct way. I am concerned about learning it wrong, and then it limiting what I am able to do with it (if that makes sense)
I did it by trying over and over again and every note changes the scale length so the pinched harmonic is in a different spot depending on the note your trying to pinch. You just gotta try it out to get it is what I did. I play chocked up on my pick a lot and when I play a pinch I just kinda follow through my picking motion with my hand. Idk if that helps but it helped me.
Thanks, I will give that a shot. I guess the problem might not be how I am pinching but where I am pinching...
You've gotta try didn't spots on the string, do it over and over till you get it then look for another spot t to try.
choke up on the pick

also where the nodes of the pinch harmoic is why alot of the time th eharmonic doesnt ring out well it takes practice to find it

also its easier to hear them if youre using the bridge pick up

if oyu can get a picnh to come out on an acoustic guitar you can get them anywhere
choking up on the pick over and over...eventually it becomes second nature. eventually you can get to the point where you can do them decent when ever you want. Also i'd be sure to make sure your thumb nail is trimmed because for me that will get in the way of the Pinched Harmonics.
Also if you haven't noticed/been told, it is harder to do a pinch hamonic on the lower strings than the higher ones. I find its easiest on the G string so start with that one and once you get the technique down on that one try different strings
How long have you been playing and how good are your general picking skills?
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also if you get choking up on the pick down while normally playing it will also help with muting strings above the string your trying to play later on.
Pinch harmonics aren't one of those techniques where suddenly the pin drops and you realize hey that wasn't so hard..

The "sweet spot" is different for EVERY single pinch harmonic and it is a very very slowly developing technique.
You wont be able to flawlessly pull off pinch harmonics suddenly one day. Sorry to say bro.
I learnt pinch harmonics about 4 years ago and i still don't nail them every time. I feel like everyone is the same with pinch harmonics. You will never be able to pull them off flawlessly whenever you want. It will take you many years.

Don't cheat yourself and try some other weird technique. I remember learning pinch harmonics very very well. It took me about 2-3 weeks of 5-15minute practice every day before i could play just one perfect pinch harmonic.

As i was saying about every pinch harmonic having a different spot, they can also have 2-3 and each spot gives a very distinct and different sounding pinch harmonic. Someone else playing a harmonic on the 12th fret D string could be a much different harmonic than someone else for that reason.

This is how i feel and I'm sure others will agree. Don't try rush yourself and don't get into thinking as soon as you understand how the technique works you'll be able to do them whenever you want. It doesn't work like that. You WILL fail more than you will succeed. It works the same for everyone and you wont be any different. I wont discourage you from practicing the technique of course but i think your expectations (and everyone who initially learns the technique) are too high.

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