Want to trade my 2011 Black Trans-Flame Hellraiser Special for another 7 without a floyd. Got it to try one out, hate it, so I'm moving it on. The guitar plays amazingly, nice low action. The bridge is super solid and holds tune very well. It's definitely a player. Got a few dings, no wood showing anywhere though. Also pickups have been upgraded to Laces, with a 3.5 X-bar in the neck and a 3.5 Deathbar in the bridge, and all the electronics were replaced. Both pickups are individually wired to be coil-split. Also willing to swap unloaded guitars, so I can keep these pickups. I love them.

Mainly looking for a LTD H-307, a 7 string Xiphos, or even a JP 70. But I will entertain all hardtail 7 string offers.

Also willing to sell outright for $600.