So I'm browsing on eBay and found a great deal for an acoustic, and the seller has mentioned it has this crack on the bridge, it looks rather worrying to me but being a seller he has said it doesn't affect playability.

Can you guys please give me an opinion?

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Well, the crack is running right through most of the pin holes. I can't picture where that wouldn't affect the sustain or the bridge's ability to retain the pins.

I'm far from the last word on this but it does look like you might be able to fix that crack with a syringe full of Titebond.

But, that assumes the visible crack is the only problem, and the seller is a person of integrity. Neither of which I can say I'm personally on board with.

I won't shop on Ebay period, and I have no faith in people in general. Just so you know where I'm coming from.
i've a guitar that i dropped and broke the neck just below the head. i glued it with wood glue clamped it and left for a week and i swear it sounds better than it did before and i nearly threw it away plus my bro-in law had an old guitar that i restrung for him and the thread had gone in the truss rod yet it had a great blues sound and it was nice to play. you can never tell till you've tried. bob
I agree with Captaincranky. I'd stay away from ebay. Craigslist is actually a better option because you are able to go see the guitar and play it before you buy it. What's most important is getting it in your hands before you start shelling out dough...

Buuut if you really like this one on eBay then you can probalby repair it with wood glue or an epoxy.