very pretty, really cool arrangement. from what it seems in this, you're very fluent in this playing style, especially from what i see/hear from the rhythm guitar. i really like the sound of your guitar too, the tone is clear with just enough reverb. the only thing i can say about this criticism wise lies within the lead, i'm not sure if this is because of the way your tracks are set up or if it's your playing (i think its the former) but the notes aren't quite synced between both guitars. i'm not talking about the pull offs or anyhting like that but it seems ever (and i mean EVER) so slightly delayed. i may just be hearing things of course, or maybe that was a stylistic choice if that's present, but that's all i have to say for criticism. good work, i enjoyed this, very peaceful

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I guess you're right about the timing issue, which must have happened during the mixing of the two tracks. I'll watch out for that next time or maybe do a remixing later C4C on its way.

Thanks again!
Really cool, Ethalopian covered whatever there is to cover. The playing and the recording is spot on. Such a warm rhythm guitar tone. One to play with Rainymood
Thank you so much, metalmikePL, Big bang theory and SweetenerCorp. Much appreciated!

I have now commented on your own song, metalmike and my comments for you BBT will follow shortly after this post
Hadn't expected this kind of feedback. It's overwhelming Thank you so much, GNR1010, Lord of Astapor and dagget!!! I'll check out your links now Thanks!!