I'm not very good at english, but I'll try and explain my situation the best I can.

I just started to learn to sing 5 days ago. I'm not expecting to be Freddie Mercury by now, I just hope that you could help me by by giving me tips on what I should work on the most and maybe giving me some exercises I should do to improve my singing. All I can tell by myself is that I suck, but it doesn't really help much. I can't afford vocal coach so I'm forced to learn by myself if I want to become a better singer.

Here's a link of me singing along Patiance by Guns'n'Roses:
WARNING! I sing really, really bad, so think twice before playing it. ;D Plus It is low quality so you have to turn volume up a bit to hear it.
I don't know why, but links doesn't work. My username on soundcloud is kriss112 and the file's name is Bez nosaukuma.

This is actually A LOT better than I sang before I started doing exercises. I used to be really breathy and as tense as chihuahua taking a poop.

I know for sure that I am bad at going from head voice to chest voice and that I sing really quietly (I guess it sounds pretty disturbing). The main reason I sing so quetly is because I am ashamed of my singing voice and I don't want anybody to hear it (yet). Do I hold my volume too low and could that be the reason I squeeze so much? Would trying to sing louder improve my tone? I also sound pretty nasal, but it's okay for starting out as far as I know. And I know that I sound lame and boring but it's not the biggest prblem for now. :/

Here is my daily practice routine.
I took it from Eric Arceneaux's youtube channel. He has the best free online lessons I have found so far.

1. Breathing from diaphragm. I learn to breath with my stomach, back and sides of my chest seperatly. I plan to combine them after a week or so.
2. "Shhhh" to trigger my diaphragm breathing.
3. Liprolls to combine breathing and singing. I start with liprolls in comfortable area. Then I liproll from my head voice to chest voice. And then I apply it to a scale.
4. Vocal exercises to improve tone. I practice (with jaw wide open and chin not moving) LAGA then YAYA and YAGA with tounge resting on my under lip, TALA and LAGA again. I practice them over scales I play on my guitar ONLY in my chest voice range.
All these exercises can be found on Eric Arceneaux's youtube channel.

I hope that all this makes sence and sorry for such a long post I just wanted to go in as much detail as possible. Any advice will be appriciated.
Thanks for reading this!
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