I have to look at the stuff but a guy I work with is selling a Gibson flying V (2005) or so he says and an all tube b-52 amp. He says everything is pristine and he has a couple of pedals and guitar case etc. He wants 800 for everything, I just don't know the rep of the flying v from that point in time and I have never heard a b-52 until today and that was just a few youtube demos.
Is it worth 800 for the stuff if everything is pristine as he says? I will get to look at the stuff in a couple of days but until then I would like to know if its worth the time to check it out.
800 What? Dollars? Pounds? Euros? Elephants?

If he's selling it all for $800 then i would jump on it. Flying V's are great guitars too.

I'm not clued up regarding B-52's though. But I have heard of them.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
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I found out today that he has an angled half stack and a 100 watt B-52 head. So if I pick it all up even if I don't like the amp I can offset some of the cost of whatever I keep by selling the other stuff. I have wanted a v for a while and this might just be the way to grab one. thanks for your replies!
I'm assuming its the AT100 half stack? I had one for many years and it was fantastic. I still have the cab, actually. Its basically a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier clone, and it sounds great. If everything is as he says it is, I say jump on it. The problem with the B-52 is the shitty resale value -- regardless of how good they are, they lose their value quick.

Edit: the AT412a cab came with V30s standard for a while. That would be worth checking out to see which cab it is.
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