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So i've been reading some singing pracitce tips, and one of them was to like, find 5 or 6 songs to use to practice various bits of your voice

(The examples they use are e.g. Like A Stone for low end practice, Immigrant Song for High notes etc)

I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for songs to use

I was thinking things like Black Stone Cherry or Tremonti's solo things for the deeper end of my range, but obviously you guys might have some better suggestions

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My singer and I had to learn a backstreet boys jam and after practicing for a while our harmonies became way tighter. idk if you sing with another person ever but it worked for us lol Also jam some john mayer, he sings pretty high sometimes and has some grit still
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Like a stone is not really low, at least if you're not a tenor. Pick whatever songs you like, only that will motivate you.
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For lower vocal notes:
Muse - Spiral Static
Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss

Bands notable for high vocals include Muse, The Mars Volta and Dream Theater.
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Cheers guys, good call on John Mayer, that actually seems like it'd be pretty challenging