Okay guys, I just Loaded some Dragonfire Screamers into my Douglas Shadow. I also replaced the output jack. Here's how I wired the pups: I cut the wires from my old pups to use the "Cheat" method. I simply taped the hot wires to the hot wires, and grounds to the grounds. The original Pups only had a bare hotwire, whereas the new ones had two. I taped the two new hots to the old one, and the two coil split wires I just taped together so they didnt touch anything like it said to do on the box. Is there a reason it buzzes more than normal, and even MORE when I touch the strings? And how do I fix this?
Thanks, SeamanTickles
Well, I couldn't find any wiring diagrams... And do you mean the pickup's ground is bad, and irrepairable?
What he means is that your grounding scheme has a problem somewhere.

What he's too polite to say is that you did a shit job and got shit results, what did you expect?

Take it apart, do it right. If you couldn't find wiring diagrams it's because you didn't look very hard.

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
You don't need specific prints. Go to Seymour Duncan and get prints for a 4 wire humbucker system. They are usually the same.
Learn to solder and go by the diagrams on the Seymour Duncan site, they have just about every configuration you could need. Taping your wiring together is really a terrible idea, it should be done right or not at all.

If you have specific questions about your setup after you have gonw by the diagrams, come back and we'll help you out, but it's really pretty simple.