The past few times ive been into the wonderful place that is Guitar Center ive seen a Tele on the little pillar of left-handed guitars. Ive picked it up and played it and screwed around but noticed, it is insanely stiff, like, its hard to bend the strings and kinda hard on the fingers and hands. Is this all Telecasters? or is it one maybe setup that way or heavier strings, being a lefty I cant really get around and try out too many guitars so I figured I would post the question here and ask. Im looking to purchase one around graduation time in a week or two with some of the money people gift me, but its kinda a turn off that it is so hard to bend and play
How long have you been playing? Both my Custom Tele and my Strat came with 10s, which I can bend all day. Not trying to brag, but my Custom Taylor has 13s on it and I can bend all 6 strings on it. I suspect you're fairly new to playing and just need to work on your finger and hand strength. Don't worry, bending will get easier the more you do it.
Well you have to remember that guitars probly been sitting a while and GC is probly not gonna put new strings on it till it breaks the strings being hard to bend and stiff has nothing to do with the guitar but the strings. The good thing is there's alot of let handed teles in the world and probly multiple in guitar center but I think if your getting a new guitar esp your first don't just look at GC look at some local non big chain stores they usually take better care of their guitars though usually more limited. Plus its good to contribute to those guys
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How long have you been playing?

3 years, started to take it seriously say, freshman year, but I have my strat which I can bend like nothing on it, that's all I do on my strat is bend, I actually blocked the trem for that reason. But yeah I guess, ive been trying to find another lefty tele to play and see if it has the same thing, because I fricken loooooooooove the tele sound. but I was wondering because its just weird for it to be that way. I also have a gretsch I put 11s on and I can bend it like a wet noodle too
Perhaps it's the type of string they used? All I know is mine are quite easy to bend. Strange that you can bend 11s, but not the 10s on a Tele.
Thats what im saying because i was quite confused at to why it is such a stiff guitar when i played it, maybe its just crappy from sitting out on the floor without proper care?
As you've said you're fine bending the strings on your other guitar it's most likely just a really high action. It's nothing to do with stiff strings. I've actually never encountered stiff strings. Once they're strung they have the same tension as any other string you put on it regardless. Unless they're over tightened they can't be 'stiff'.

As far as I know Fenders ship with 9's, but that was told to me by a guitar tech in a guitar store chain. It could be wrong or just for EU.

So, ask them how the action is, if it's high ask them to lower it a bit. A crap or non existent setup is the cause of most guitars feeling like they play poorly, especially in guitar shops.
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yeah now that I think about it too, yeah, the action was really high, because when I did bend the strings would like flip above my fingers or in the damned groove of my fingernail and almost take it off haha
Like many guitars in the shops it's probably set up poorly and has some higher gauge strings. Aspects of the guitar like it's fret job, the feel of it's neck and how it holds tune should be more important to you.

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