During last night's finale episode of Survivor: Caramoan, front runner John Cochran wound up capturing the million dollar prize, while Eddie Fox came in fourth. But Eddie says he enjoys the challenge of participating in the reality series and would love another chance in the future.

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It was all over for Eddie Fox last night, shortly after fellow contestant Erik was eliminated for medical reasons. But for Eddie, Survivor is a unique opportunity that just might warrant another attempt in the future. The season 26 contestant told CarterMatt that he would love another shot at the elusive million dollars, explaining, "I'd go back if I was asked. I actually love the game."

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Following each season finale, there's always some speculation as to whether the contestants actually showed their real personalities for the camera. According to Eddie, viewers really were seeing the real guy and not some approximation put together for the purpose of television. "You saw a good side of me. I'm always happy-go-lucky…There was a bit more strategy there on my part, and I got along with everyone really well while I was there."

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Eddie adds that there was a bit more strategy added into his appearance than one might see in his everyday behavior, but given the nature of the show, that's a given. And of course, his portrayal in the competition is going to be somewhat influenced by the footage that is selected as well as whatever is left out. Eddie explains, "They didn't show [everything], but I'm fine with that, you know what I mean?"