Last night on Survivor: Caramoan, the Fans Vs Favorites season came to end as John Cochran outwitted and outplayed the other final players for the title of sole survivor, and of course, one million buckeroos. So, what exactly is the nerdy superfan planning to do with all that prize money? Details inside!

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John Cochran, a 25-year-old Harvard law student, managed to outwit everyone this season on Survivor: Caramoan, winning the one million dollar prize last night with a unanimous vote. So, what exactly is Cochran planning on spending all his prize money on? Nothing extravagant, that's for sure! "It's going to be a lot of boring stuff. It's going to be invested, probably a down payment on an apartment, and I'm thinking of a little impulse purchase. Nothing extravagant that I'm going to spend my money on," Cochran told The Hollywood Reporter after his big win last night.

However, in true nerdy fashion, Cochran did make mention of possibly purchasing a Segway. If you've never seen one or heard of it, a Segway is a two-wheeled battery-powered vehicle – for those who like to go green. Cochran was also asked whether he would ever do the show again, and sadly, his answer was no. "I'm aware that I lucked out a lot this time, that a lot of stars aligned, the timing was perfect, everything was great. And I had such a great tine in addition to all that. I really enjoyed it," Cochran concluded.

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