Hello all who reads this my band One4Nine4 is currently in the works of putting out new music that has a mix of Blink 182, Sum41, and Green Day. We are trying to bring back the old punk that we used to know thats not like the new pop generation shit. By checking out our Facebook Page below, it would help us out a lot and give us the recognition we need to share what we have. We are just a band of three friends who have fun with what we do and would like to share our music with the world to bring the old punk roots back. So share this page to everyone you know and like and share our music on Youtube and we promise its gonna be awesome. Thanks!!

Youtube Page: One4Nine4Official

Facebook Page: One4Nine4
Yeah....things went to hell a bit after the drums came in. I thought it was just a mistake but then the 'solo' was out of key as well so I'm guessing that was the intention?
Yeah, it was kinda out of place but we are practicing and we will have better stuff soon.
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not like the new pop generation shit...

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...old punk roots...

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...a mix of Blink 182, Sum41, and Green Day