Finished this track up a couple days ago. Experimented with how I went about with the melody a bit, at least how I kept it going. I dunno, you'll see what I mean when you listen to the song. Not quite sure how I feel about the ending, I feel it sort of works, but i dunno you guys can help.
Give some critique and I'll return the favor.

Hey man, thanks for the crit (some good points). Sorry it's taken me so long to reply (post exams drinking).
Anyway: I like the melodies, particularly the feel of the bridge and the ending. The primary problem with the song is that it's quite repetitive, it could really use something going over the melodies which adds a bit of variance. I think with this addition it could be a pretty cool track, the other elements are there!
Okay I listened to this for about 3 times. Your music sounds like some bg music in a kingdom hearts game from my point of view, and in a good way! The kind of good where I see Sora fighting heartless in one of the last worlds he visits, if you know the game. lol. Tho I find this fine in a background music, I think what weorge said is true concerning repetition. That said, I think you can think of some ways to improve your craft.

Keep playing music man!
The first 1:50 gets really repetitive. I can hear some interesting things going on in the background with the piano; maybe have the lead synth fade out a bit and bring the piano forward in the mix, shifting focus to make it a little less repetitive.

I love the guitar starting at 2:12. I feel like you should have the piano fade out a bit more, though, so the attention is focused on the guitar.

The outro section is a much-needed change as well. Really, the only problem is the first couple minutes; it just repeats too much.

Overall, it could be a cool track if you fix how much it repeats early on.