Sup guys I am trying to buy a new guitar, but i do not have a lot of money so i decided to buy a cheap guitar and install a good pickup in. I am planning to buy the B.C Rich Gunslinger Retro and replace its pickup with Emg Alx hz (Alexi from children of bodom pickup) I am a huge COB fan and i love Alexi's tone and sound. All in all the guitar is $300 and the pickup is $100.

Please give advice and tips on this topic as i am an intermediate guitar player.

The guitar you wanna buy seems ugly to me. Me personally would go for a HSS Squier. Then I'd just change the humbucker at the bridge position and you're all set.
Yeah I know I changed my mind. I think I will buy one of the ESP LTD 50 series and change the pickups. I am looking into Seymour Duncan's pickups.