Hello all, I'm hoping someone can help......I have tried all the tabs on the site here, both regular text tabs and the guitar pro ones and none seem to be correct. I'd say 3 out of 4 have parts correct but not the entire thing.....can anyone please point me in the right direction to find a tab that is as dead on close as possible? Thank you!
Sup. I might want to write a gpx for this.
Just mashed out the first 18 or so bars.

If it isn't better than the current stuff (or if you can't view the format) I'm not gonna bother
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Thanks for the help but yeah, the guitar pro I have won't open it. Actually, I use Tuxeditor because it opens all - or at least I thought all - tab programs written in guitar pro or tab pro. Thanks just the same though.
Well Tux is good. It only doesn't open gpx (gp6, I use it because of good sounds) but it can be converted though sometimes stuff is lost

I kinda wanna make a dimmu tab though