New to this website reall but have a valid question:

I am going to buy a cheaper Electro-Acoustic for doing open mics and wond be so afraid to get it broken but want as good a sound as possible, (Need all the help i can get!)

I was going either:

Sigma 000MC-1STE-BK or
EG440C STCQ G NEX - Translucent Black

Very similar guitars looks-wise but hows the sound??

Have heard a couple of takamines amplified and sound good but was holding out for the sound of the sigma will it be the same type (I know not as good) as my Martin??


Any help would be great
i don't really have any fears about bringing my higher end ones to an open mic night. keep it in the case and eyeball it. nobody usually goes near my stuff.
but if you want tough and cheapand good plugged in sound, go with an Ovation.
Hi thanks for the reply,

Never really thought about the Ovation brand but checked out a:

Ovation CC28 Super Shallow Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Think im just going to try them all and see what feels best.

Yeah most of the open mics get a bit rowdy and i need a electro-acoustic anyway as my other one isnt amplfied. I could use two mics but its a good excuse to get another one. Just dont tell the wife ha
shh...secret's safe with me. try the mid or deep bowls like a cc44, you'll like 'em better unplugged which is how you'll play it mostly. hmm,,, a rowdy open mic night... may have to check it out...i'll be there next time it doesn't rain for a week.
I'm an in-the-vein Tak guy, so guess what I suggest?

I have a 6 and a 12 string Tak, and I have never had problems with them in different settings and amplifications.
Yeah Clothahump i have had a quick go of a Takamine and was impressed with the sound, my mate also swears by them both amplified and offline.

But Tanglewood keeps coming up from some of the seasoned guys here lol im at work at the moment and its now another choice lol have to go with my ears and my gut.

Cheers for the reply