So far, I am the only member of 88 Fingers Edward. I'm 18. I've been playing guitar for 10 years. I really want to find members that are extremely serious about music. My whole band name and image isn't meant to be serious but the music definetely is. If you're in the NC area and want to join a metal bad please contact me. Thanks

Influences include: Periphery, Veil of Maya, After The Burial, The Haarp Machine, This or The Apocalypse, Killswitch Engage, Protest The Hero, Within The Ruins, Abolish The Echelon, and more

Youtube- [forbidden link]
Facebook- [forbidden link]
Bandcamp- [forbidden link]
Soundcloud- [forbidden link]

Also id rather have you contact me through one of the above links since I don't get on here much. Thanks
cool, since the links wont work, i guess just contact me here. You can look up 88 Fingers Edward on Soundcloud or youtube or bandcamp if you want to hear my stuff first
If you lived in Texas, you'd be just what I'm looking for. We have almost identical tastes.

If you wanna collab online, I'm down for that.
There's several websites online that aid in online collaborations.
http://www.ohmstudio.com for example.

You'd be surprised how many bands do this. Slice The Cake, for example, is an online band.