I've been playing acoustic for a while now and ive gotten to a reasonable level, but for some reason I can only play well on some days. it's driving me insane.

I play absolutely terribly about 60% of the time. I can't even stand the sound when
i strum a chord, i get stuck on the strings and my tone just sounds like i'm a complete novice.

At first i thought i was some sort of inconsistency in my technique, so i experimented with deliberately playing with bad technique on my good days and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I can strike the strings with my nails ( I play with my fingers)in any way and it doesn't sound as bad as it does when i just have a bad day.

Then i thought the changes in my tone had something to do with the length of my nails, but again i doesn't seem to make a difference. Obviously there are changes in tone when my nails are a different length, but it doesn't just sound bad at any particular length like it does when i just have a bad day.

What else could be causing this? I'm really confused and annoyed at myself
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You're just having a bad day, It happens. When things like that happen to me I just stop whatever I was planning to do and do technique exercises, and try again later.

Maybe you didn't warm up? Also if your hands are feeling stiff wash them with warm water for a minute or two and massage them a bit.
Something else could be that your guitar might slightly be out of tune. After all, differences in humidity and temperature causes a change in the tuning. Sometimes it'll be a big change, sometime it'll be a small change, sometimes there won't be a change at all. It could also be that sometimes you're playing with a pick and sometimes you're not. It might just be you are experiencing some inconsistency without realizing it.
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Dont worry, some day you will just suck no matter how hard you try. No big deal though, just go do something else or if you decide to play then dont feel discouraged. One thing I noticed is that once I get my skills back I can play better than I did before entering the"you suck" phase. Its almost as if after you play for some days your brain cant take it anymore and needs one/two days off to get used to whatever you had been practicing.