I've remixed the guitar tones and added a bunch of extra stuff on drums to some of these songs.


The newest ones are More Than Blood, and In Memory Of.....


I C4C in great detail to those that show some effort at reviewing, critiquing, and making suggestions for my song. Thank You

EDIT: brand new song uploaded
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Thank you sir. Myself and my drummer really took to heart the comments from the first version of this song that suggested that more needed to be done on the drums in order to keep them sounding fresh. So it looks like it has paid off so far. Friends that we've shown the two newest songs to have really liked them in comparison to some of the previous recordings.

Thanks again for the C4C. I made sure to review one of your songs before I posted on here
Got bored and recorded/uploaded/mixed a brand new song

All hail Field of Terror!!!!
Just checked out those two songs plus field of terror.

Your very good at carrying a song, especially on one guitar since for songs like More Than Blood its just a single guitar and drums. The addition of a second guitar, if done right could seriously fill up some empty spaces for the pan. More Than Blood is very catchy though yet still a solid thrash metal song. Good use of the second guitar with background chords though it is a little quiet. You can call yourself extrememly good at riffing for these tracks, you'v make a lot of sick ones on this song, please add some vocals to these they would be perfect! Like something you could actually purchase.

In memory of is still a little too metalcore for me as I just stick with a classic metal sound but Its done well.

Care to check out one of my songs?
Thank You both for the advice. I added an additional track to the left and right of FoT, IMO, and MTB. I also EQ'd them to be slightly more scooped on the left tracks, and a bit more mid-heavy on the right tracks, while adding a slight amount of gain as well.

I will C4C you both before the end of today. Thank you!
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Thank You both for the advice. I added an additional track to the left and right of FoT, IMO, and MTB. I also EQ'd them to be slightly more scooped on the left tracks, and a bit more mid-heavy on the right tracks, while adding a slight amount of gain as well.

I will C4C you both before the end of today. Thank you!

Sounds a lot better now!
(Btw i do the same eq thing but my scooped track is on the right)
In second listening i think that the guitars are a little too loud in the mix.
And maybe the bass drum lack a bit of volume, low end, and punch.
Well, I listened to a four songs, "More than Blood", "Field of Terror", "Raid", and "Siedem". I think Raid was probably my favorite among the bunch. More than Blood was good but seemed unoriginal to me, I had a hard time getting all the way through. Your guitar tone is huge, considering there's no bass or vocals in there it does a great job of filling up the whole mix. "Field of Terror" was a pretty rocking modern metal song, I like the harmonies in thirds and some of the riffs were pretty catchy. You need a lead guitarist, dude! My favorite was probably "Raid", the production wasn't as good but I like that riff and those tricky sounding drums. I think it would fit well on a newer Slayer album. Siedem was crushingly heavy as well, parts of the song almost have a black metal flavor too them. I think some of the "chugga chugga" could go, but that's just my opinion. You are a pretty wicked guitar player and have some cool sonic sensibilities.
Tyvm for the praise. I actually just re-did Raid too. Much better production and the 2nd guitar on the Intro and Chorus have changed a little.
Writing as I listen!

Nice intro riff. Giving me a nice and trashy riff. Somehow a bit of a Sylosis vibe. At 0:28 you get more into a general bit less-modern more old schoolish trash sound. I'm at 0:50 and I'm starting to really miss the bassguitar by this point. There's like this gap in frequencies between the guitars and the kick. The kick sound get's tiresome to listen to since it's very very clicky. I'd suggest changing the kick sound to something less clicky "obvious", the kick could use more presence in the low end and less in the high end of the mix. The part at 2:40 is very nice by the way, sounds very cool and brootal. I'm at 4:04 now and the song itself sounds really cool. Production wise it needs some work though. The guitar tone itself can be okay but it really needs a bassguitar down there to fill up spaces that you haven't cover yet. A guitar will never sound awesome in a mix if there's no bass guitar below it. The drums also aren't great soundwise. Change up the kick and get maybe trysome different EQ on the toms or make them a bit softer, because the toms weren't that great for fills in my opinion. Again a bit too much in your face. Also did you double track the guitars? Because the guitars feel a bit lacking in power so perhaps that's the problem. Always double track rhytm guitars and pan one left and pan one right. Then again perhaps you have double tracked it and play tight enough for me to not notice it and the missing power comes from somewhere else (Like the missing of bass guitar).

The guitar tone itself is good though in my opinion. I always like less-gainy sound. You really have some guitar playing chops to get such a tight tone with so little gain.

In Memory of:
The intro riff is nice, and I like the snare roll at the start. The part at 0:28 with the chords and riff combines is nice. The trash riff at 0:37 is nice and trashy. Some nice and trashy drums. The chorus kind of thing at 1:00 is really nice again. The trashy bits at like 1:19 seem to be missing some power again. (Oh wait one of my speakers just broke so that might be the cause haha). Riffs are nice but perhaps you could use some more leads? Or vocals, because although the songs are nice they don't really grab my attention all that firm. The drumming at 2:22 seemed a bit odd with the pauses. The lead at 2:40 is nice. I don't really find the song Metalcore, it's just oldschool straight metal. Which is awesome to hear for a change with everyone either going the prog direction, the metalcore directionor the modernmetal direction these days. And we're back at the chorus thing at 3:37 which is nice. I like the outro!

The song(s) feel a bit dragged out though. I mean a song of 4:43 and 4:01 would be good if they had vocals or more lead, but currently they either require some more changing up or some vocals/lead guitar to really have enough "attention grabbing powers" to keep you into it for 4 minutes straight. But perhaps the addition of a bass guitar would make it sufficiently "brutal' to keep being awesome longer. Sersiously you need a bass guitar/a bass simulator. It'll make your guitar sound insta-awesome.

Production wise the same comments of Raid count for In Memory Of.....

Feel free to check out my song if you have time
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Wow. Great, Great reviews with very nice constructive critiques.

To sum it up really quick:
Yes, I double track and Pan 100%, 50%, and 20% both Left and Right, with the occasional Centered track for certain tracks. The harder the track is panned left or right, the louder the track tends to be. So if you couldn't tell I was double tracking, I'll take that as a huge compliment. If you have any advice on better panning and mixing techniques, I'm all ears.

Also, I'm still rather newbish to mixing AND keeping the overall volume from dropping or clipping too much, so I've been slow to add bass lately. Last time I did, it sounded terrible. Baby steps....

I really only called In Memory Of Metalcore because of our use of the skank beat in the verse, which I got the idea from both AILD and Darkest Hour....two metalcore bands. The song is also very traditional as far as sticking to certain scales, and not getting too chromatic like I do with several of my other songs.

Thx again for all the tips
Ah nice very tight playing then (:

Do you know about mastering? If the sound is clipping just throw on a compressor and a limiter (in that order, on the master track). Try to make the compressor get everything below 0db , and play arround with the knobs untill you have a loud track (without pumping or loss of all dynamics). Then use a limiter to make absolutely sure nothing gets above -0.1 db.

Better yet just read some mastering tutorials because it's a whole seperate skill to master. It's quite a pain in the ass, but if you just start out with a comp and limiter you can atleast prevent clipping.
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Thanks man, that's some sound advice you gave. Yeah, the biggest initial problem I had was all of my stuff being too quiet....almost like a blanket was thrown on top of everything. Just really dull sounding. The other was my bitrate being waaaaay too low.

It's getting better though. Thx again, sir.
Alright, liking "Raid." Sounds like some Slayer to me. Definitely needs some vocals and leadage for it. I imagine Tom Araya jumping in there with some vocals hahaha.

Nice riffage in "In Memory Of....." That was some thrashage the way I see it lol.

"Endless Terror" is another nice one. You got some good riffage going for all these tracks. Strangely got quiet at around 2:19 on this one though. Then back up to normal at around 2:53 or so.

I would be more critical but was has already been said by others' comments pretty much has it covered hahaha. I think just a small touch of low end would heavy it up. Some leads, and vocals will fill everything out. You have a lot of space open that I think should be filled. I figured you'd be set by then lol. Nice songs man.