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Does anyone know if there is any Guthrie Govan instructional video out there?? I know there is plenty of short videos in youtube. But i was wondering if there is some kind of Petrucci's "Rock Discipline" when it comes to Guthrie...

Thanks in advance!
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I think the closest you're going to get to that are the various things he did with LickLibrary back in the day but he doesn't have anything like Rock Discipline that's just about him and what he does and all that.

If you want something that's more of his instruction that's closer to that kind of thing you'd be better off hunting down copies of his two Creative Guitar books. No video though.
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Yeah, I haven't been able to find any videos like you are wanting. The only ones Ive seen are short demonstration one.... nothing too in depth. But, they are still worth a watch.
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