Hello. Here is a link to Romance, played by Christopher Le, a Vietnamese guitarist whom I can't seem to find ANYTHING about save this one CD I purchased in a Vietnamese music shop thirteen years ago.

The bulk of the song I believe he plays traditionally, but the introduction I think is his own arrangement. I've been trying to tab it out myself to no avail, I just don't have the ear for it yet.

If anyone could tab out the introduction for me, I'd be infinitely grateful.

http://www[dot]you tube[dot]com/watch?v=g5oOpdAIWBU&feature=youtube_gdata

Also. I'll try to post more songs played by him, including some of his own compositions, which are worth your time. He's a wonderful player.
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Some notes are extended and some short as you can hear (tempo/metronome can't be used obviously). Only bass note + 3 highest strings seems to be what's played.
Hope this helps

thanks you fanapathy!!! THis is exactly what I needed I could tell he was following the nearly the chord progression of the song, but just couldn't figure out the nuances of the intro. It was maddening to know I was close but so far away,

A million thanks for your good deed.

THank you!