Hey guys this is my new cover of Jani' (ex sonata arctica) opening guitar demonstration for his instructional video for Young Guitar DVD. HOpe you like it!

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Jani's Demonstration Cover
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Thanks for the feedback!

Great playing on this viideo, top marks on the tightness, feel and general technique. Tone is good but could do with having some more lower mids imo, also maybe take a little EQ notch down somewhere in the high mids to improve clarity a little. Good job overall though!
Wow dagget you are a very talented guitar player my friend! Awesome sweep picking technique. I left a comment and liked! Thanks for your crit on my vid, I agree with the singing off pitch i only noticed after i uploaded it i was in a rush as usual! Lol.
Very well played ... Amazing technique and very tight .
Didn't like the tone so much .. Very crunshy , but overall its amazing
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Wow, very smooth man! Your technique is great. I actually liked that crunchy tone, sounded nice! Thanks for the feedback on mine, this video is great!
Thanks for your feedback on my instrumental Hallelujah cover I just watched your video and i really liked it! Very clean and smooth despite the difficulty and tempo of the solo. Great control and superb technique. Amazing!
Thanks so much for the feedback guys! Please subscribe and like if you enjoyed it.

Over the next two weeks I'll be covering in HD videos:

-Andy Timmons - Beware Dark Days and Deliver Us
-Cacophony - Concerto
-Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover and Manhattan

amongst others. Any special requests?
awesome job and super tight playing dude! wasnt a huge fan of the lead tone, but thats only my taste in smooth thick leads talking haha xD
sweet work!
Hey man! Sick playing! You definitely earned yourself a subscriber. Technique wise, there's nothing I can complain about! Sounded awesome! I feel like your tone needed a little more "oomph" though, just a little thicker. It definitely wasn't bad; it sounded good. But I think it just needs a little push to become great.
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Thanks for the crit. This is rock solid. Playing is really tight especially your vibrato. I'm not too keen on the tone. At some parts it works but particularly later it doesn't sound strong or dynamic enough. Overall, it's very good.
Hey man, thanks for the crit, dug the playing dude. Super tight, technique was spot on. How long did it take u to learn this? Jani is one of my all time fav players, although ive never tried to learn any of his pieces.
Thanks man! Will definitely have to change up the tone for the next cover.

@Awesommo41894 - It took me about a month or so when I first learned it. I had filmed a cover before in Eb a few years ago, and this one was just an updated, HD quality one in E standard because I thought the song was badass. Plus my playing had improved enough to finally do it justice!