Hello! I started writing this album in January to help me get through changes in my life.
I wanted to challenge myself as a songwriter and try new things and ideas.



1. I know I can't play in time very well.
2. My recorder has been glitching lately so there's that.
3. The theme of this album is two worlds colliding and split-personality.

I appreciate comments and critiques on how I can improve my compositions. Thank you for listening!
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I subscribed to your channel, I'll leave my comments there!

-Glen Q
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I liked "If Only They Knew" it was nice to listen to. I also found "When Worlds Collide" very interesting. I loved the fuzz on "Bridges That Separate". Most albums have their lead single third, but I thought "Together In This Timeline" fit perfectly second to last. For this album I would've enjoyed being left happy with it, but Black Umbrella put me off when it came to that sort of awkward ending. I think with some editing and work, this could actually be a semi-popular album. Great Job
First song: the snare drum roll sounds rather mechanical, otherwise the song sounds quite good. nice audio quality. Second song: mixing distorted guitar with clean synths can be tricky, I know from experience. Part of me wants to say put the guitar panned in the center, but not sure if it would sound better or not without hearing it. Sometimes double-tracking distorted rhythm guitar (then panned left & right) needs less distortion, but timing would have to be tight for that to sound good. I think your guitar playing tightness is pretty good though actually, for the most part. Song sounds pretty good overall. Third song: I think this is the best one overall of the first 3, I like it. Is rock music becoming more tolerated by the government where you're at? Please review my music at this link:

If only they knew starts pretty cool. Really liked the notes that sounded out in that first bit really drew me into the song. However didn't like the section after in terms of production and it just sounded abit off, but when it came back with more instruments it was fine (although I think the cymbals could fit in the mix abit better).

The change into the last section was abit off for me, but I loved the arpeggios you put in there, they sounded great. I think that section could've gone on abit longer, and maybe intergrated with the original bit to finish off abit better.
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Introduction to 2167: This works for catching the listener's attention, but doesn't have very much to actually appreciate.

Secret Origins: I really like this. I think the piano could be a little more interesting though. It sounds too clearly MIDI; maybe try a slow flanger or a slight velocity changer to try to add just a little variation. The climaxes here were very effective. During the last climax, having a deeper bass sound could help make it sound a little fuller.
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Hey man, this was an interesting listen for me. The music was very dark and twisted which we don't usually hear in these pop-infested era. I'm a big fan of these types of music so you got me to listen to most of the songs.

for the crit, even tho it's tagged as orchestra, there were some track sounds that was rigid and you can tell that it was from a keyboard, but I guess that was just because of the equipment. Musical-wise, the build-up was really good and has consistent flow of where you want your emotion to go. I listened to the playlist so I wasn't able to familiarize myself with what I'm listening to during the moment but everything was consistent. The feels didn't really drop down after each song which is a plus.

Nice job man.
Definitely following your channel! My apologies for taking so long to reply, haven't been able to find time to devote my full attention to an entire album lately. Although I wish I would have given it a listen earlier, because it's really cool! Is there anywhere I can download/buy your album? Many of your piano melodies and chord progressions throughout are interesting, all the suspended chords and eclectic mix of instrumentation gives it a JRPG kind of feel, reminds me of Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VII. The mix of styles throughout - from rock and pop to classical and Spanish sounding influences, as well as electronic - is varied and keeps things interesting for sure. There's a little bit of everything in there. You do a great job of building movement and tension throughout the album, I'm on my second listen through right now because the first listen through kind of blew right past me (in a good way!)

There's not a lot I could nitpick about it... I think it could benefit from a little more sonic consistency from track to track, the fourth track "If Only They Knew (Uncertainty)" stuck out in particular, those jazzy clean guitars are a bit to mids-heavy and wooly sounding to blend in. Some of your distorted electric guitar tones throughout seem a bit harsh in the upper mids (maybe 1.5-2k range?), it might just be my headphones though. This is a quality album though, if you have a few thousand to invest in professional mastering from someone, I think it would be well worth it. Overall pretty cool! I could really go on for a while about all the things I enjoyed about this album, the dynamics, shifts in moods and textures, all around spot on mix, and some really cool melodies and chord progressions throughout. Your use of static and crackling fireplace sounds in a few places is cool to although it could have gelled a little better. That's my only nitpick -- needs a bit more "glue" to mesh the album together a bit better.
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