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Hey thanks for the crit, I tried to come here to return the favour but the link won't actually take me there. Just to the general soundcloud homestream thing :/

Ah, probably why I've had no comments!

Umm, I have changed the link and it takes me there fine, even when I'm not logged in.

Failing this, here is my profile link: https://soundcloud.com/#christopherjameshiggs/cruel-temptress

And if all else fails, just search ChristopherJamesHiggs on Soundcloud. No idea why it shouldn't work though.
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The link works fine
The lead guitar and bass lines were tasty. I thought the vocals had too much reverb and dominated the mix a little too much. The drums sounded a bit weak. I liked the vibe of the song but I think it needed some dynamic to differentiate between parts.
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Link for some reason still wasn't working for me, but found you

Ok I like the guitars (the solo was also really good), I think the guitars AND the vocals had a bit too much reverb. I couldn't make out much of the lyrics but I like the singing (and the ending thing was a nice touch). I think the chorus could use some work though, it varies little from the verses and I think the song could use a bit more of a dynamic between the two. Still, a good song and well recorded