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Quote by dazza027
For anyone who gives two toots, Ive ordered a Gibson LP Studio 60's Tribute with the gold top and dark back and Burstbuckers. The company (and the importer for that matter) is waiting on a shipment from the US and it should be here in 3 to 5 weeks depending on customs etc. Its costing me $66 a month for 36 months which is a bit steep but its 'leased' until the end of the contract and is 100% covered against damage, workmanship etc as well as the Gibson warranty so if it does anything I can just swap it for a new one and rock on. The one I mentioned above kind of fell through, the money didn't materialise but the guy said he's not going anywhere soon and is happy to do the deal at a latter date so I'm happy with that. Could well end up with two LP studios, both 60's tributes but one with hot humbuckers and the other with P90's. Lucky I love LP's hey...

Sounds like it's gonna be a beast enjoy it!
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Not sure of the conversion rate but I've seen those studios go used for under $700 USD. Doing the math on your financing you are paying roughly $2376 for the guitar. Just making sure you are making a wise financial decision. I hate to see people get screwed over when it comes to money. That being said, you might be getting a good deal and of course it is your money. Anyway, congrats on the upcoming guitar.
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Retail new here is $1780 or something. Obviously they need to make some cream for themselves, after all they are a business not a charity. I like the reassurance in knowing that if it falls off its stand and snaps the headstock or if the pots fail in it or the neck warps or whatever I can just send it back and get another new one during those 3 years. Theres no minimum period after 6 months so I can just be done with it, send it back and go buy another one. Gotta love Australia, the only country in the world that takes Gibsons MSRRP as the minimum price and not just a suggestion...
Ended up getting a 2011 model Gibson studio 60's tribute in worn honeyburst with P90's for 900 Australian and its only been played maybe a half a dozen times, still has the original Gibson strings and they, and the rest of the guitar, are in as new condition, not one single blemish... What I've come here to say is that now that I have one, and compared it to my Epi Custom... comparing a 1300 dollar Gibson to a 1200 dollar epiphone and saying they are the same or near as damn it is so completely bullshit that who ever says it INSTANTLY explodes ANY credibility they ever had. The difference is night and day. I'll do a NGD in a few hours. Cheers guys.
Quote by dazza027
Ended up getting a 2011 model Gibson studio 60's tribute in worn honeyburst with P90's

Sounds like my ideal Gibson guitar. I'll be looking forward to hearing how those p90s sound.
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