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When you're playing some fast stuff (metal mostly) and you are doing a lot of chugging, whether it's gallops or straight 8th or 16th notes does your pick motion come from your wrist or your fingers? I've tried both and feel like they both have advantages but until I decide which method to refine I feel I'm being held back. So I was just wondering where you derive your pick motion from, wrist or fingers?
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Wrist is the way to go. What kind of advantages of using your fingers did you experience exactly?
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For certain sections, mainly break down type stuff, I feel I have a little more control using a finger motion. Plus there is obviously less overall hand motion when using my fingers versus wrist. I will say though, I can generally play faster using my wrist. Infact, I guess I mainly use my wrist about 90% of the time and I just switch to a more finger based motion when chugging through a break down.
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Wrist for me. Work fine.
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Its like the jumpshot in basketball.Its done in a certain way cause its the most ergonomically sound and provides the perfect balance between accuracy and speed of execution.Same thing with picking.The most ergonomically sound is to be done from the wrist with your hand totally relaxed .
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I would say wrist all the way. Using finger motions will make your picking less efficient.
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lol I guess Im the odd ball out. I prefer using my fingers mostly because Im used to it and wrist feels strange. I used to use my wrist alot, but felt I NEEDED to copy Takayoshi Ohmuras beautiful picking technique(mostly because it looked awesome).

but I wouldnt recommend anyone to pick with finger motions(circle picking) unless they REALLY like the sound/look of it. its very hard to learn and very hard to good at. I admit its not good for chugging as it requires very strong muscles and muscle memory to get the chugs fast and good sounding. I consider myself good at it and see many advantages. but wrist picking is generally easier and faster. circle picking would hold you back compared to wrist picking.
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