I'm a professional electric guitarist and I have quite a bit of experience under my belt with it. I love Acoustic but I never got into it as much as electric and I'm not as good with it, but I'm still pretty experienced.

I'm looking for a 6 string acoustic electric for $800-$1000. I flat pick mostly but also fingerpick from time to time, I like clear and definable notes but with a really resonant and full/sustaining tone. I also appreciate a beautifully crafted guitar. I realize my price range isn't too high for all of these requests but I'm hoping I can get something at least nice. Any suggestions?
Blueridge would be a good choice as would a Yamaha L series.<<<< not a stockholder in either company nor do i own either. i would like to have one of each but i get too distracted by all the others...... sigh.....eventually.
i do enjoy the bluesy feel of the blueridges when i go try out new guitars.
picking out an acoustic is much easier than finding an opinion on an electric...so many choices !!! most sound the same to me except when you get into Les Pauls and real Strats.
Martin DRS1 or DRS2
Ibanez AW3000CEWC
Yamaha A-Series Dreadnought
For your budget, there are several brands you can consider, Martin, Taylor, Guild, Seagull, Blueridge...etc
you aren't going to get a beautifully crafted guitar in this price range, but there are some nice guitars with resonant tone.

guild is a good choice to look into. they're all solid wood, and honestly are very well made in their price class. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/6-string-acoustic-electric-guitars/guild#N=500018+700001+200903+100508+100509&Nao=0&recsPerPage=20&v=g&Ns=bS

here are a few blueridge models worth checking out - they're all solid wood, have nice tone, and since you like clarity and resonance, i'd suggest the mahogany models.

i wouldn't suggest taylor, as their all solid models start above your price range, although if you happen to be near a guitar center, it's always worth trying the 100 series to see what you think. you might also check out epiphone masterbilt guitars. they're all solid, great price, although i wouldn't consider their build to be high quality.

are you considering going used? if so, i'd add eastman to my list and taylor, and maybe larrivee is worth a look.
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You might check out Zager guitars... they come all tweaked up and ready to go, for under $800.

Otherwise (and some of the regulars may be getting tired of hearing me say this) I really believe you can get some nice guitars in the $400 area, and all they need to perform at a professional level is a very thourough action job, and upgrading a few minor components.
nothin' to be sorry about. that jumbo looks pretty sweet. but it isn't an acoustic electric, is it?

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How about the Chinese Guilds? GAD Series....Here's an all solid rosewood jumbo: http://www.zzounds.com/item--GLD3814010 There's other stuff in the line as well.

Ya know Patti, I didn't see you Guild link until I put this up, sorry.
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
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nothin' to be sorry about. that jumbo looks pretty sweet. but it isn't an acoustic electric, is it?
Oh, I'm not a' goin' thar! Thet thar argey-munt 'bout buyin' wit the electronics er puttin' 'em in later will only gitz me a warnin'.

I will say the blems seem like a great buy, and a pickup system installed would put the guitar at the top of TS's budget.

There is likely an AE version of the same guitar @ about 200> 300.00 more.(*)

I simply did the same thing as you, but in reverse. You posted the search page for all the Guild GADs, and I put up a single representative model of the species.

(*) With that said, when was the last time an upscale model guitar was bought that actually fell within the original budget...
i was married once cranky....long long ago( didnt take).every once in a while i actually had to give her a reason to be mad at me so she wouldn't hafta make 'em up all the time.
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