well u played it way far than the original one .. but i guess this one was good .
the tone was good but could have been better .

maybe it feels strange cause the original one is always in my head so its kinda strange anything different

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Your tone was a bit muddy and i felt it took away from your playing, but overall it good. Marty Friedman's one of my favorite players and I cant stress enough how incredibly valuable it would be to learn this solo note for note, everything exactly how he does it, vibrato included. Dude is a master of phrasing and feel and what's missing from your playing is the agressive vibrato and slightly off timing at times.

C4C? - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1602445
I used to love this song/band. The tone is a little off but I appreciate that you at least had a backing track. At the level you soloed at, its pretty obvious you could cover the whole song if you wanted to and Ik for a fact singing like Dave Mustainne isn't very difficult lol. I'd recommend you try that as your next project, I would listen to that. Overall, not to much to say besides the fact that your pretty good at soloing!
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Marty has some really unique phrasing so i always give people slack when it comes to that. Its all about that ridiculously crowded ascending slidy thingy that im focused on lol. good job on that btw