Whatsup UG? Long time no.. type?

Anyway, I've been getting back into writing lyrics heavy but won't have a guitar for 3 weeks. When I was writing I would either do the music and lyrics together or have a cool progression and write over that or take lyrics and mold/edit to fit.

I got into trying to produce/write hip hop lyrics for awhile and if I wanted to write, it was as easy as youtubing instrumentals. I'm trying to do some singer songwriter stuff and would like to get at least a basic melody/chord progression idea before I edit this first draft. I tried to google but the one thing I found (chord pulse?) sounded awful and I have FL studio but was never impressed with that. I guess what I'm looking for is the acoustic guitar equivilant of a drum machine or something. I found back tracks for songs but I want to do it with my own chords and all that.

Is this a thing? If not, any idea on what to do? Any help would be much appreciated