Yet another question from an absolute gear noob.

I've just acquired a Mooer Green Mile pedal, which requires 9V of power and has a current draw of 7mA. I've got a power adapter that came with my Line 6 Pod HD, which is 9V and 3A.

My knowledge of electronics is awful, so can someone verify for me whether or not it's safe to use the Line 6 power supply with the Mooer pedal? If not, what do I need?

Any help on this would really be appreciated.
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Mine isn't much better, but the most important thing is volts & polarity. Make sure they match.

I'm quite sure that so long as the milliamps in the power supply exceed all the effects being powered by it, it should be okay.
It's perfectly safe. Standard residential outlets should be able to take 12 amps safely, and they're rated for 15. That diminishes if you have multiple outlets on a single circuit running power, however. Outlets are designed with this in mind and it's against code to have too many outlets on one circuit. You should be fine (unless you have a lot of power on the circuit)

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Yes the Lime6 power source will power the Mooer just fine.
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As far as mA ratings go...
mA on a pedal tells you how much current it requires to operate properly.
mA rating on a power supply tells how much current it is capable of supplying.
As long as the voltage and polarity (And the plug) match, you are good.