I am a young, poor wandering minstrel in the UK. I started on electric but then moved to an electro-acoustic because it fits the stuff I perform and sing to better (typical singer/songwriter acoustic-y chord based finger-y stuff). I am now looking to buy something new, a little more unique. I have always loved the look and feel of semi-acoustics, and recently played a Taylor T5 classic T5-X in a shop, and fell in love.

I loved how you could play w/o an amp and still hear it while singing, so perfect for practicing. I loved the feel and the mix of electric style playability with acoustic tones. I was told the T5-X was strung with steel acoustic strings but it could have been thick electric ones (neither I nor the salesman were 100% sure). Sadly though at £1.5k it's a little outside of my price range. =[

So what I am looking for, if it exists, is an electro-acoustic with the body of a semi-acoustic (F holes or equivalent), preferably full wood rather than laminate, meant to be strung with acoustic strings, and all for less than a grand ...

Does such a thing exist or am I whimsically dreaming? Thanks ^^