Hey all, just a quick question..

I've been faffing around with my pedalboard and sorted out the order I wanted, and I'm happy with it so far. However I have the weirdest problem..

The order I really want is

Guitar > Tuner > Amp > (FX Loop) Noise Gate > Delay

I have the same power supply (daisy chain setup) powering all 3 pedals, but when it's like this it creates this horrible loud buzzing/hissing noise.

However when I change the setup to this:

Guitar > Amp > (FX Loop) Tuner > Noise Gate > Delay

the buzzing disappers despite that I've not changed anything other than the position of the pedal in the chain.

I've taken the tuner out of the chain entirely and when I plug straight in to the amp with both setups, it behaves normally. However as soon as the tuner is put in front of the amp, this buzz reappears. I've swapped cables, and changed the power supply. Now here's another interesting part; when running the tuner on batteries, the buzz goes completely. Now this led me to believe that the power supply was being funny, but then I thought why would it only affect it when the tuner is in front of the amp?

I'm borrowing a seperate power supply from a friend tomorrow to test that out, but in the meantime, suggestions anyone?
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youll get that when daisy chaining pedals toghether its called a ground loop or something
if you want less(or no) hum try a powersupply that isnt daisy chained
pedal power from voodoolabs i beleive has that

or just run the tuner off of batteries for now they dont need to be replaces so often ive found
how bad is the hissing?

I've stopped using power supplies on my pedals for this exact reason. the hiss wasn't huge, just enough to bother me.
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It happens because of the fact they are daisy chained together, yet you are running the current both before and after the pre-amp. I don't know the maths of technicalities to it but i'm 99% sure that's the problem.
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