Hey guys into ambient music at the moment, I'm looking for a good shimmer sound to base a pedal rig around. I know there is the Strymon pedals but they're out of budget, I know there is a Behringer RV600 and Mooer Shimverb but would there be a significant difference between these and either the Pog used with a reverb or the Earthquaker Devices Organizer used with a reverb to warrant the extra money rather than an extra pedal with the price difference

I like the high string sounds in my swells/reverbs etc so which one is better in peoples opinions out of the above? I'm stuck between all of them, the cheaper ones I could get an extra pedal or two or I can spend the extra. I'm leaning towards the Earthquaker Devices. Thanks
Wats your budget?

Neunaber stereo wet, mr. Black eterna, line 6 verbzilla, blue sky all do good shimmer
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Hardwire Supernatural. $180 comparable to strymon blue sky. Personally I haven't played the blue sky, but I'd assume it's better, but the price difference I'd say it's a worthy contender.
I've had the Shimverb before and didn't mind it. Some people don't like the shimmer setting on it as it uses 5th notes I believe whereas the Blue Sky has a much nicer shimmer setting. I did find the Shimverb pretty noisey on top of that, compared to other digital verb's I have used. I would go for the Supernatural as per above.
From demos, the Neunaber Stereo Wet reverb sounds very promising.
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+1 for line 6 verbzilla. Never used one myself, but absolutely love the sounds Ritzy Bryan of the Joy Formidable gets from hers.
i'd try for either the hardwire super natural, tc electronic hall of fame, or an EHX reverb of your choice. the TC pedal, you may be able to find a shimmer toneprint that will match what your looking for
Thanks for your suggestions, the Mr Black Eterna pedal as I'm in the UK are very expensive to come by which is why I turned to the micropog which is on every ambient guitarists board but the organizer has more too it than the pog so I was going to go for that. Don't want to spend £150 and then debate which one I should have had
I'm gonna cast my vote for the Verbzilla. Octo mode gives you a gorgeous shimmer when you turn the mix up. Additionally, its Cave mode used to be the basis for my tone until I regretfully sold the pedal. I'm saving up for another one because the Verbzilla's Cave mode is the best reverb I've ever heard.
A lot of people seem to like the L6 stuff, got myself an Echo Park which was reduced down to £69 new due to not being made anymore, I know it's in pretty much every ambient guys rig and at that price couldn't resist it!
Also, the Mooer does only shimmer a 5th above and the RV600 is crazily noisy from what I've been hearing and an absolute shocking demo on one shop website. So it's looking like an Earthquaker Devices Organizer at the moment, or possibly the Verbzilla. Just thought more flexibility would be had if I went through the harmoniser/pitch shifter then into the reverb