I need a little advice guys, my neighbour is going to New York on Saturday (I live in the UK) and has offered to purchase some guitar parts for me. I'm after a Floyd Rose Special in black to put on my custom Telecaster. So basically, which guitar shops in New York would sell one and where would be the cheapest do you think? Also, does anybody have a rough idea of how much that would cost?

Thanks in advance!
I bought a cheap Floyd replica from China, the body is already completely routed. I now just need to buy an official Floyd Rose with the same stud spacing.
That's not something that stores just have on hand. You'll have to order it from a parts supplier.
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Oh, ok then. Why do you want Floyd Rose Special? I think that Original Floyd Rose is better.
Rudy’s on West 48th: (212) 391-1699 , rudysmusic.com
If they don’t stock it, they’ll know who does.
48th Street ain't what it used to be...

Just order one thru your local shop or a mail order house.
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