On this piece I wrote, I use jazz minor (which is the ascending form of melodic minor) over a non-resolving dominant 7th chord (which is a V7 chord that doesn't resolve to the I chord). More specifically, I use minor-major 7th arpeggios starting from the fifth of the dominant 7th chord. Listen for it at the instrument break/silence at the 2:06 mark. Here's the link:

It's an improvised solo, in fact it's a first take, so it's got some string noise and stuff, but I always like first takes because it's got the most energy.
Jazz minor is a very versatile scale that you can use in many ways, for example, you can also use it a 1/2 step above a resolving dominant 7th chord (which gives rise to the super locrian mode), and other ways too.

What you guyz thinkz?