Pretty cool sounding overall! The drums are a bit overly artificial sounding, I'd try to get a bit of variation in velocities and choices of drums to use...of course the focus of the song is not drums so it really isn't all too necessary. Very smooth soloing, but during the solo there's random volume drops - this may be due to the video audio itself, or a clipping issue in the mixing.

Overall it's really well made and sounds very good! I'd just fix that volume issue as it's a bit distracting, but aside from that well done
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Really cool chill song. I like the pedal point bassline. The chords are also very cool. Kind of 80s feeling in the song (and that's what I like) - not really 80s music but somehow reminds me of some 80s music (maybe it's the tambourine, chords, pedal point, whatever). The distorted guitar chords at 0:44 are pretty quiet and could be a bit louder IMO.

Many times simplicity is cool (simple drum beat and repeating bassline, long guitar chords, pedal point, etc). This song is a good example of my motto - play what the song needs you to play. The individual parts may not be that interesting but when you put everything together, it's pure gold. Every part just supports each other. Well done.

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Nice job! I thought everything sounded great. I might have used a little different tone on the lead, but that's more of a personal thing. I thought all the parts went together well. I think the lead melody might sound smoother with a different vibrato, maybe a little more even. But, I enjoyed the song!
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Really cool chill song. I like the pedal point bassline.

well actually in the 2nd and 3rd A section, the ostinato on the electric guitar gives the feeling of two pedal points going on at the same time, even though technically it's not.
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