Hey few days back i am suffering from rheumatic fever and pain in my throat, is this the symptom of strep throat??? please help me out what are the precautions and medical treatment do i require in order to remain healthy and fit.Tell me about the symptoms of strep throat and how to cure it???
Thanks in advance.
Fever, scratchy throat, feeling crappy. Go to doctor and they'll swab the back of your mouth and they'll test it and you'll get the results in about 30 minutes. If you have it, they'll probably give you Z Pak. If you aren't a fan of running to the bathroom and painting the bowl within minutes of taking the pills, ask if you can get amoxicillin instead.

EDIT: Temporary Relief. Get some mouthwash and gargle with it a few times a day to kill some of the bacteria. Get some Ibuprofen to reduce the fever.

Not a doctor, not medical advice, not liable if this guy explodes or something, etc.
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