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Whats up all.its me again with new question about diecast tuners.I have a cheap guitar with this function my question is is there a right way to use this tuners and what is the advantage and disadvantage on using this tuners..thats all for now,i'm waiting for the answer or else this question will haunt me forever!! \m/
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Diecast tuners mean nothing. Diecasting is just a way to make the tuners. It doesn't have any effect on anything. They work like any kind of tuner.

Are you asking how to string your guitar or tune your guitar?
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Just how to tune it..I read a few article before and they said to tune it we have to loosen the screw and i was like WTF!! So i tune the guitar the wrong way all this time??!!
Anyway tq for the reply.. \m/
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Like said, Diecast is just the way they manufactured the tuner. How to use it is all dependence on what kind of tuner it is.

You should not need to loosen any screw just for tuning. It's best if you can take a picture of those tuners and we will be able to tell which type they are.

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What do you mean by 'using' them?

If you're talking about stringing them, then this is how.

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I mean the way to tune them i read an article saying that i have to loosen those screw before tuning 'em..
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So the conclusion is,this is just a standard tuner...
Tq everyone..