This is going to be a part of an album that I'll release in late summer/early fall. I'm still considering adding more instrumentation to it (possibly guitar, strings, etc.), but what do you think of it as is? Leave a link so I can crit your material too!

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Sounds really nice: playing/audio/song writing! Hard to say if adding more stuff will make it better or not without hearing the new parts. Sounds very nice as is. What is your piano/"piano"?

Thank you! I use XLN Audio's Addictive Keys Studio Grand. It's a Steinway Model D grand I believe and extremely well worth the $50

I'll check out yours asap!
Very well written imo, really like it. Deffo think some strings could liven it up though. Good job!

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I really like it. The bass notes sound a bit odd from what I'm accustomed to, same for the higher ones. But it's not a bad thing at all, in fact, it makes the track more interesting to me. There was a little bit in the middle that was silent for a few seconds, maybe make that just a bit shorter if it doesn't throw off the flow or rhythm for you, as rests that long usually indicate that a song is finished.

All in all, really beautiful track. If you get a second, I'd really appreciate if you checked out my album, Gatsby:
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